Self-governing Day 2018 at Palanga Senoji Gimnazija


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On October 5th, which is marked as an International Teacher‘s Day, the students and teachers of Erasmus+ Club supported by other enthusistic students and colleagues held a self-governing day at Palanga Senoji Gimnazija.
The goals were not only to teach the students the basic rules and principals of school management but also to provide an opportunity to step into a teacher‘s shoes and give lessons not only to their peers but also to the primary school pupils. The teacher in charge of organizing school events T. Mackeviciene invited senior students to try out a teacher‘s job in Palanga Primary School, where the students worked as teachers and headmasters.
In Palanga Senoji Gimnazija the students did various jobs: they became the headmaster, the secretary, the caretaker and the teacher. Anxious at the beginning, they felt more and more relaxed with time and thouroughly enjoyed the experience.


Dear teacher,
Thanks for letting today’s lesson happen, it was great fun for all of us. I really enjoyed the first task where we had to write a few words and then describe them in adjectives. Later on, we learned that the adjectives described us, too. The first animal that came to my mind was a giraffe, I wrote that it’s long-necked, does that mean I’m long-necked too? That was funny. I also really liked the second task, in which we had to act and behave in a specific way. I was really shy there, though. It made me realise that I have to improve my acting and critical thinking skills. All in all, thanks, teacher! Looking forward to more lessons like this. Kind regards, Ugne Momkute IIID

I relish the idea of an unconventional lesson which took place last Friday. Together we were playing an interesting game that soaked us all up and made the lesson go really fast. Dovydas Zemaitaitis IIID

I was enjoying this lesson because the teacher was involded as a student and we were joking around, had a great time together and at the same time we had the chance to learn new words, some people discovered celebrities they didn‘t know. Vilma Klemanskyte

The lesson was ok. It‘s always fun to do something different then we normally do and I hope I‘ll get a chance to participate in more lessons like these. Dominykas Nurasevas IIID

The lesson on Friday was really fun, I‘ve learnt more about celebrities and learned new words. I would like to have more lessons like that. Julija Balciute IIID

In my opinion, the lesson last Friday was brilliant because it was different from the other lessons and, of course, it was beneficial because we learned a lot of new words and found out about new celebrities and other famous people. Egle Petreikyte

The lesson was very creative and fun. I wasn’t that afraid to speak and I found out that games help me to cross the language barrier, at least a bit. Gabija Juozapaityte IIID
The lesson was fun, it was different from our typical lessons. It helped me to gain even a little bit more self-confidence and to improve my vocabulary and describing skills as well as photography. Aiste Putriute IIID

I liked the second game more than the first because the second one was more interesting and fun. In the first game it was difficult to describe the words and guess them, so I did not really like it. I enjoyed this lesson and I would like to have such lessons in the future, but I would not like to be a teacher. Egle Balseviciute IID
Hey! 🙂
In my opinion, the lesson was really fun and it was really relaxing, probably one of the best lessons we’ve ever had. I enjoyed it a lot because it was something new and unusual and because the three girls that were the ”teachers” were amazing at doing their job, which was making people happy and energetic. They surely succeeded in it: D It was an awesome lesson, and I wish there were more lessons like that once in a while because having some extra great positivity in our lives is a great thing, isn’t it? 🙂 And our team (Team Christians) won, so that’s a not bad achievement >:) Stasys Jonkus IID

I believe that the lesson was enjoyable for most of the class, however, I feel that there wasn’t a lot of educational value of it. In my opinion, this type of lesson should be considered and organized when students are too tired to do any proper learning. I felt a bit nervous because of the public speaking involved. Pijus Smilingis IID

I think that as a teacher I had a really fun lesson. We organized a lot of interesting games and it was quite exciting to watch how other classmates were acting and playing different roles. I would like to have lessons like this more often. Ugne Mazutyte IIIC

Hi! I really enjoyed the lesson we had on Friday. During the first part of the lesson we did an exercise which described our personalities. For me it was entertaining and interesting to learn something new about myself and my classmates and also I like personality tests and the one we did in the class was new to me. The second part of the lesson was not as enjoyable as the first. It was fun to watch others acting, although it was very difficult to guess which personality features students played. I suppose I didn’t like it as much as the first one because I don’t like to act and I’m not good at it. 🙂 Overall, I enjoyed the lesson and I think it’s a great idea and I would like to have such lessons more often (maybe before holidays). Goda Mickeviciute IIID

I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. It was refreshing and I had a lot of fun with my classmates. Although Marius, Ugne and Gintare presented a great lesson, there were some flaws I would like to point out. First of all, The “teachers” did not know the plan they had prepared by heart, which meant they read their notes on their phones. Also, some students were not as active as they should be in such a lesson since it was based on being open-minded and ready for adventure. However, these minor flaws did not ruin my enjoyment of the lesson. Adomas Janusas IIID

I had a lot of fun although it was an unusual lesson, I enjoyed working in teams and compete against the other team. I really liked that the teacher played with us and was in the student‘s role. Agne Kaminskaite
On October 5th, my classmate and I tried to become secretaries for a lesson. For me it was quite exciting, but also tiring, though we didn’t do that much. At first we both worked on the computer- we learned how to organise mail and also how to write a health certificate. After that my classmate continued to work on the computer, but I did some socializing, for example, talked with people on the phone, or brought newspapers to the principal. I learned how important and exhausting this work can be. Overall it was a helpful and interesting experience. Ugne Jakubauskaite IB

I liked it, because we had to write and print documents on the computer which was very interesting. I think a secretary’s job is is hard, because everything must be done precisely and on time. I hoped to work more with document writing because I really enjoyed it. Sigitas Vaisiliunas IB

I personally liked our lesson on Friday. It was fun to prepare a lesson to my peers. It took some time to decide which activities to organize during the lesson, but it wasn’t too complicated. It was very interesting to see the classmates how they were trying to accomplish their tasks, especially the ones that required some artistic skills. In my opinion, such lessons should be organized more often because students can practise their speaking and communication skills in a more enjoyable and exciting way. Gintare Jasiunaite IIID
When the English teacher gave us an offer to give a lesson to our classmates, I was so interested and without any hesitation accepted the suggestion. It was pretty hard to decide what we are going to do throughout the lesson, and how everything would turn out. I was a bit nervous before the lesson, but when it started, the classmates were very supportive and kind, so the lesson turned out to be really interesting and fun. It was pretty hard to keep the students concentrated and active, and sometimes we had to make the decisions on the spot. After all I had a great time, and if the teacher gave me the same offer one more time, I would definitely accept it! 🙂 Aiste Kubiliute IID

Good morning! It was a really interesting experience to become a teacher for one lesson. It took some time to decide what we are going to do during this lesson, but also it was an entertaining process and it didn’t cause too many difficulties. Initially, I was a little bit worried how the lesson will go, but during it our classmates were really supportive and active. In general, teaching wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I had fun doing this and I hope our peers were enjoying our English lesson too. Guste Ramonaite IID

It was really interesting experience to become a teacher for one lesson. I understood the thing that every pedagogue must prepare for the lesson really well, he must be quite an organised person. Despite this big responsibility, working with young people brings a lot of joy and helps to lead a happy and funny life. Kotryna Kurotskina IIID

I believe that it was unique experience. I was over the moon to have an opportunity to reverse the roles in my everyday life. It revealed a different perspective of the learning process and education system in general. I taught the 4th grade class, which received me very well and came across as attentive, swift and well-rounded students. In the end it was really sad to leave them and return to the role of a student myself. Gabriele Dauksaite IVB

This experience made me realise how actually hard it is to be a teacher, especialy with younger kids, because they are so energetic and talkative, so now I look at a teacher in a whole different way, with more respect and understanding. But the experience in general was really fun, the students wanted to participate in everything that we had to offer and even more, we got lucky for getting that class, because it was a really warm class and you could feel very welcoming vibes. Would participate again if needed. Vilte Mickute IVB

This is definitely going to be one of the most memorable and challenging experiences I bring with me after I finish school. I had to teach an exceptionally friendly, motivated and active class. Although the kids seemed a little difficult to control at first, as time passed, we learnt how to work and understand each other. It was even difficult to say our goodbyes after forming such a strong bond with the children. If I ever got the chance to teach a class of positive children again, I would absolutely do it. Livija Perminaite IVB