Our Future Career – activities for students in Palangos Senoji Gimnazija


PART I Discussions/lectures monitored by a successful journalist

To help the students of Palanga Senoji Gimnazija choose the right career path, to give them some general tips on who to turn to and who to ignore, several events were organized by erasmus+ DARE team.
On September 13, 2019 Zivilė Karevaite – editor in chief of the portal ZMONES.lt , lecturer at SMK (College of Social Sciences in Vilnius, Lithuania), MA of International Communication at VU, volunteer at the Children‘s Support Centre – gave several lectures and monitored discussions.

Lesson 1 – Discussion for IVth grade students ‘Career (does not) define your life or how to choose that only path‘
Lesson 2 – Discussion for IIIrd grade students ‘I was told …, I read … or what happens when you fail to think‘
Lesson 3 – Lecture for Ist grade students ‘Modern heroes. How to become one?‘

The lecture, our ex-student, was very happy to return to her school and share her experience with the young generation. She was both positive and enthusiastic, encouraging the students to experiment and to think wwhat is best for them, not what is fashionable or liked by the majority. The students found the ideas very useful. Some students said the lecturer hepled them make up their mind whether to study abroad or in Lithuania, others claimed that she made them reconsider their career options. Everyone had food for thought. The junior students were motivated by the young successful Lithuanians, who were not afraid to experiment and go off the beaten track.

PART II A Visit to LCC International University in Klaipeda

On September 17, 2019 45 IIIrd-graders, accompanied by Erasmus+ teachers Ausrine Janusine, Audra Kakliene and Careers‘ advisor Jurate Vaisvile visited LCC International University in Klaipeda, a nearby town. There the courses, application requirements, events and other important informatikon was introduced to the students. Then Professor Andrew Jones gave a motivating and encouraging lecture “Interactive lesson on impromptu public speaking ; lecture on persuasion techniques”how to speak impromptu, how to organize a speech, remember what to say and feel relaxed and coalm. Some students were invited on stage to demonstrante the strategies the Professor introduced. Then a guided tour of LCC was given by the students.
Feedback: the students enjoyed the lecture a lot, many found the courses in LCC appealing, some said the university does not offer the courses they would love to do, but still found the experience extremely useful.

PART III Lectures given by psychologist Antanas Jonaitis

On September 26 three lectures were given to our students.
Lesson 1 – a lecture to IVth-graders ‘Hobbies and career‘, in which the psychologist focused on the idea that the key to success and happiness is to make your hobby your career. He gave an insight into the career opportunities from a different perspective and made the students think about what they enjoy and gave many real life examples of how a hooby can be a way to ear money.
Lesson 2 – a lecture to III and IV grade students on ‘What is stress and how to deal with it‘. He gave students advice how to communicate your message to your parents, how deal with stressful situations.

Lesson 3 – a lecture to diverse group of students I ,II ,III grades ‘What to do to make people like you as if you were chocolate‘. Gaining confidence, being likeable were the key ideas of the lecture.
Feedback: the students saw the lecture as a witty, interesting speaker. They all found the ideas useful and appealing and said they would change their attitudes to many problematic situations in their life.