ERASMUS+ KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices

Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only

“DARE: Democratic Actions Rule Europe”    01-10-2017  –  30-09-2019




Partner schools:

1.119 Secondary School “Academician Mihail Arnaudov”  –  Bulgaria

2.Liceo delle scienze umane e linguistico Danilo Dolci  – Italy

3.Palangos senoji gimnazija  – Lithuania

4.Agrupamento de Escolas de Paredes  de Coura  –  Portugal


Report of Transnational meeting – Palermo, Italy, November 2017

Day 1 – 30th November 2017

On this first meeting day, the project team exchanged points of view and made some

agreements about how the project will work.

At the beginning the partners presented themselves and their schools, made some decisions about project’s logo, and decided the important project’s milestones dates, for activities C1 to C4, as well as the arrangements for the activities. The team also decided the partner’s responsibility in each main product that will be the result of joint activities.

The host partner  provided a welcome by their school headmaster  and a school tour, where partners had the opportunity to see the school’s classrooms, teachers and students in action.

The coordinator made a short presentation of the project and started by asking partners to

present themselves. Each partner made a short description of their experience in teaching and with Erasmus+ projects, identifying the team of each country that was in this meeting and made a short presentation of their schools and country.

It has been  decided that each country will choose two logos made by the  students from each country to be put on the site of the project. The project logo will be chosen by students until end of December through online vote.

The most voted logo would be presented and become the official logo for the project DARE.. After that all the other products and activities must use it.

After the team discussed the main activities of the project related with the project results and

each partner’s responsibility and contribution.

As far as our Irish partner refused to participate, their tasks and responsibilities were distributed between partners.


Website creation and updates – ongoing

Logo – the first international contest focused on development of a logo for  the DARE project;


“History of  Democracy” – chapter 1 – “Origins of Democracy”

Seminar  – Negotiation skills

Meeting with local council

Civil rights movements in the past and nowadays

Elections – DARE student council

Help Us End Bullying

Collect materials print-ready from the partners to complete and finally prepare the book History of Democracy – ongoing


“History of  Democracy” – chapter 2 – Ancient Rome – ”- research on the topic, presentations and preparation for publishing

Democracy in pictures and sentences

Different types of violence and ways to prevent them – seminars, discussions and workshops on the topic all partners take part, Italian school coaches the activity

Workshop:  Learn from the best. Anytime.  Anywhere

Our educational system

“History of  Democracy” – chapter 5 – Constitutional Monarchy

Constitutional democracy

eTwinning – ongoing –  creation of eTwinning space and regular updating of the portal – Italian team presents its work and gets feedback from the partners.



History of  Democracy”  – chapter 3 – Medieval Era – research on the topic, presentations and preparation for publishing

“European Charter for Democratic Schools without Violence”

Freedom of speech

Case studies – participants work in groups and discuss different issues/ cases connected with the school life,

Cartoonists Competition on the theme “Democracy and human rights in school”

e-Dictionary for Democracy – ongoing –  participants work in teams preparing Educational Materials. All the materials will be sent to the Portuguese team. Studies and analyzes will be published : Publication with words using in the political field and definitions made by students. This publication will be a digital tool,  interactive resource and it will be CLIL educative resources for teaching and learning about democracy. Presentations of their contribution to the e-Dictionary will be prepared by each team and presented to the participants. Portuguese school is responsible for gathering all the data and preparing the e- Dictionary.


“History of  Democracy” – chapter 4 – Modern Era

EU, Democracy in action  – subtopic- Governments in EU countries and their role

“Democracy and human rights in school”

What is your dream of  a democratic school – participants prepare short videos presenting their ideas about their dream democratic school

”How my teachers help me to overcome problems at school”

Young Political Parties campaign – videos, posters, platforms of Young political parties.

About students exchanges  it has been  decided that each host will  meet the visitors  at the airport. The host partner responsible will send to other partners the meeting agenda, the budget for students and teachers and  tasks (if necessary).

The students’ age for the students meeting is between 14 and 18 years old.

The dates for the first students exchange in Bulgaria meeting was decided to take place in April 2018 – 16 to 20, with arrival on 15 April and departure on 21 april. All partners agreed about  the importance of these dates. In all meetings with students the arrival will be the day before first meeting day, and departure will be the day after last meeting day.

Therefore, for the activity C2 in Portugal , the meeting dates are between 6 May 2018 and 12 May 2018.

The partners agreed to combine C2 and M2 in Portugal.

For the meeting in Italy, C3, it has been  decided to take place in November 2018, from 4th to 10th.

For M3 in Bulgaria it has been decided to take place in May 2019 with arrival on May 26th and departure May30th.

About C4 in Lithuania the decision will be made during  C3 in Italy.

Concerning the number of students visiting each country it was discussed and an agreement was reached that the mobilities for Ireland will be divided according to the distance calculator.

Bulgaria sends (4+4) 8 students to Portugal;

Lithuania sends (4+2) 6 to Italy;

Lithuania sends (4+2) 6 to Portugal;

Portugal sends (4+4) 8 to Italy;

Italy sends (4+2) 6 to Portugal;

Italy sends (4+2) 6 to Bulgaria.




Report of Transnational meeting – Palermo, Italy

Day 2 – 1st December 2017


In day 2 of the meeting the year 1 and year 2 activities were discussed.

The coordinators answered some questions asked by the partners about the way the activities are supposed to be carried.

Partners discussed the main result of the DARE project – the Book HISTORY OF DEMOCRACY, the tasks and deadlines for each of the chapters, their content  and size.

All the materials have to be ready before the meetings in partner countries and during the meetings the responsible partners will present their work to the partners. Bulgarian team is responsible for collecting all the materials and prepare the book.

All the partners agreed that the main language of the project is English, therefore the important documents and important result products will have only English version. In some other documents such as brochures, leaflets, booklets used in project promotion and dissemination, each partner will have the responsibility to create their own version. All documents will be uploaded on the website of the project for public dissemination.

The partners agreed that a Facebook page, only opened for comments and publishing for partners,  with public access, will be created and managed by  the coordinator.


Report of Transnational meeting – Palermo, Italy

Day 3  – 2nd December 2017


During the last working day the project review has taken place.

Partners discussed the evaluation,  dissemination and sustainability of the DARE project.

Italian partner proposed their own activities for dissemination in their country which have been gladly accepted by all partners.

For evaluation of the project and C activities, surveys will be created (until June 2018)

regarding main essential and relevant categories identified along the project. It will be applied to

parents by the coordinator.

It has been discussed and we came to agreement that  all partner schools  take part in preparation, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of the following activities, ongoing:

Overall all partners:

  • Do research on the topics and subtopics;
  • Collect and analyze data;
  • Prepare presentations on the topics and subtopics;
  • Prepare reports;
  • Coordinate and monitor durable works by students;
  • Ensure proper budget control;
  • Risk management and control
  • Responsible for dissemination at local level – plan, tools, target audiences;
  • Responsible to send all the data to the coordinating school for publishing on the Internet;
  • Apply initial and final questionnaires to students and local communities;
  • Create feedback forms for the meeting each of them hosts;
  • Carry research on one (or two) of the topics of “History of  Democracy from ancient times to these days” book – create one or two  of the chapters of the book; send the print-ready materials to the coordinating school and after all of the chapters of the book are ready, use the funding for implementation of the project to print the book locally.
  • Organise and coach a Democracy and Friendship Evening while hosting a short –term mobility;
  • Organise and coach Young Parlament EU while hosting a short-term mobility;
  • Elaborate a sustainability plan for the DARE project to be implemented after the project’s end
  • Each host school is responsible for providing safe accommodation of all partners; the host school is responsible to meet the partners at the airport and take them to the hotel when they arrive and take them to the airport when they depart. Host families are responsible to meet arriving students at the airport, provide safe accommodation, breakfast, packed lunch and dinner, tickets for the public transport (if applicable).

It has been decided that all publications done within this project must have the logo of co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme and the disclaimer sentence “This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.”


THE MEMORANDUM prepared by the coordinators was signed by all partners.

All documents required by the NA concerning the M1 has been signed.

The coordinator has the responsibility to put all the documents in the Erasmus + Mobility Tool+ platform.