An European Club has been established at 119 SU.

The aim of the club is to attract the students’ attention to join the project activities. The students will be informed that they will learn about the European Union, democracy, human rights and the role of their Student Councils  during the project and we will start enabling their complete participation.

With the opening of borders and global migration issues, the need to prepare our students better for the real world has never been greater. Students will be taught to acquire a wider perspective, key competences and a good sense of EU citizenship as well as to be democratically active citizens. They will also become aware of fundamental values in EU such as democracy, tolerance, solidarity, active citizenship and critical thinking. Open minds can help make the world a better place to live.

The main objectives of the project “DARE: Democratic Actions Rule Europe” are to educate socially and politically active citizens, who will play an active role in democratic life, to foster tolerance, social integration and to enhance intercultural understanding which will eventually lead to more cohesive and inclusive societies. The participating schools will link formal, informal and non-formal education as well as social and voluntary activities in order to strengthen progress towards these goals.

The EU club will carry activities and teach students of the school EU values via lectures, presentations and talks.

During  the first meeting of the EU club a report was given by Anton Byalkov, student from 8A class who presented Bulgarian Presidency of  EU in 2017.