Lithuanian team about their experience in Sofia, April 2018


Marius Gruzdys
My experience of Erasmus+ project is very positive. I got to see a new country and got acquainted with its culture. Also, I made a lot of new friends whom I keep in touch with up to this day! In my opinion, travelling is one of the best ways to learn new skills or improve those you already have. It is exactly what this project is about.

Dominykas Rekus
I think that the main advantage of Erasmus+ project is that you significantly improve your speaking skills while interacting with peers from other countries. Also, you meet tons of interesting people, and make a lot of new friends. Lastly, you learn a lot about history, politics and education and many other things of the country you visit.

Agne Knietaite
Although I wasn’t expecting anything, the trip to Bulgaria was one of the best I’ve ever experienced. This opportunity provided an unique way to explore the country and, most importantly, to see firsthand how ordinary people, like ourselves, live.

I felt a true member of my Bulgarian family from the first step through their doorstep and one of the hardest things, whilst leaving Sofia, was the realisation, that I most probably will never see them again. The honesty, kind-heartedness and generosity of my host family made a huge positive impact on me and I’m sure I’ll never forget them.

The people I met there came from various social and cultural backrounds, and I believe that was the best part of the Erasmus project. I had the chance not only to converse but also get a taste of life of fellow adolescents from different countries, which, surprisingly for me, varied a lot in some spheres of life. I’m proud that I can call them friends even now.

Overall, it was an incredible, eye-opening experience, because it was unlike anything I’ve ever taken part in. The subtle, although sometimes unexpected differences between the cultures shaped my outlook on life immensely and forced me to view many things back home under a different light. Not only I had tons of fun, such as tasting the local cuisine and even learning some Bulgarian folk dances, but also had an opportunity to do things I love: create and edit videos for our presentations, meet new, interesting people, see magnificient nature and visit historical monuments. This trip undoubtedly had an enourmous and everlasting impact on my life.

Vilte Mickute
We all have heard about Erasmus + program before, but that we will have the chance to participate in it ourselves – we did not expect. On April 15th with packed bags and we left for Bulgaria worry following us. The names of the kids that we would be staying with didn’t reassure, as they sounded strange and unwelcoming. However, everything swung upside down just as we landed and saw the crowd waiting for us – Lithuanians. Then there was a journey to our “homes”, where we felt like outsiders only for a moment – the Bulgarian families accepted us like their own kids. Warm hugs, wide smiles, tea and questions in English or with gestures and mimics swept all our worries behind. Throughout the seven days we presented our country, its history, patriotic songs. Even so we travelled a lot too: museums, landscapes, mountains, which we saw during all the trip through the windows, and the Black sea. Amazement arose that so many people, with different languages, found a way to communicate easily, we shared stories and learned Bulgarian, Italian and Portuguese. Evenings were spent together – the more we talked, the easier it got,and the English language didn‘t seem like a big problem anymore, even with each other we talked English, sometimes forgetting that we can speak Lithuanian. Everything became homely: the street that we walked along, the food that we ate, the families that we lived with. The days passed faster than we had expected. The pictures will hardly show how wonderful we felt being there. Most importantly – we found friends, with whom the opportunity to meet again will be low. On the last day all of us had dinner, danced a traditional Bulgarian dance, sang, laughed and finally realised – it‘s the last day. Saying goodbyes we shed a lot of tears, exchanged numbers and promises that we will meet again.