HUMAN RIGHTS in Class IID with Erasmus+ team members


On February 6,2018  students of class IID took part in a civic education lesson given by teachers Aurelija Jazbutiene and Ilona Pociuviene “Human rights – what are they? Imaginary Country “.

The aim of the lesson:  to present the European Convention on Human Rights to the students and make them aware of the idea that rights are always based on needs.

Skills developed: team work, time management, reading and note taking, creativity, presentation skills.

The class was divided into three groups and the handouts of simplified ECHR were distributed to the students. The following scenario was presented:

“Imagine that you have found a new land where no one has ever lived. There are no laws or rules in that land. You and the other group members will be newcomers to this new region. You do not know what status you will have in this new land. ”

At first, the students independently made up a list of three rights that must be guaranteed to every resident of this new country. Then, they had to discuss their lists in the group and come up with 10 rights which the group considered to be the most important. Also they created a name for their country.

Each group presented their list of rights to the class.

Finally, the students compiled the class list, i.e. marked the rights that were repeated in the group lists.

At the end of the lesson there was a reflection.