Information Sheet 1 – C1 Bulgaria 15.04.2018 – 21.04.2018


Information sheet 1 ERASMUS + DARE

C1 Bulgaria 15.04.2018 – 21.04.2018

From 15 to 21 April 2018 in Sofia was held the first LLTA C1 of the EU Erasmus + DARE project. Host was 119SU Äkademik Mihail Arnaudov”, Sofia, Bulgaria, the coordinating school of the project with partner schools as follows:

Liceo delle scienze umane e linguistico Danilo Dolci – Italy
Palangos senoji gimnazija – Lithuania
Agrupamento de Escolas de Paredes de Coura – Portugal

The programme of the meeting was prepared by the coordinating school in advance and was sent to the partners.

Project activities, distributed among partners and prepared beforehand were held according to the schedule.

The host team introduced the school, Sofia and Bulgaria.

Each partner team introduced itself. The guests had the opportunity to see the renewed classrooms of the school and meet teachers and students.

DARE Student Council was elected after partners had discussed and presented their candidates.

Presentations prepared by partners about different electoral systems were presented to the participants.

European institutions, their headquarters, representatives and the way of elections were presented.

The way EU institutions work – their tasks and responsibilities – was also presented.

Negotiation skills seminar was prepared and delivered by the coordinating school.

A learning trip to the town of Nessebar took place during the meeting. Participants had the opportunity to learn about cultural heritage of Bulgaria.

Planned activities included research and presentations about history of democracy, preparation for the first chapter of the tangible result – book History of democracy and the Democracy and friendship evening were a great success.

Young parliament EU was held. Participants discussed Education and Inclusive education and presented reports, films, their opinions and suggestions.

Teams also presented Civil rights movement – in the past and nowadays.

At the end of the meeting evaluation of the project activities and feedback were received from the partners.

Participants were awarded Certificates of participation and Europass mobility documents where acquired skills were listed as follows:

• Improved transversal skills,
• Increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
• Improved levels of skills for employability and new business creation (including social entrepreneurship);
• More positive attitude towards the European project and the EU values;
• Improved key competences
• Broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in education,
• Increased quality in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow-up of the EU projects;
• Increased competence in foreign languages, e.g. linguistic skills;
• Increased level of digital competence;
• Improved management competences and internationalisation strategies;
• Greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity;
• More active participation in society;
• Reinforced cooperation with partners from other countries;
• Increased capacity and professionalism to work at EU and international level;
• Greater understanding of interconnections between formal, informal and non-formal education, vocational training, other forms of learning and labour market.
• Better understanding and recognition of skills and qualifications in Europe and beyond;
• Team work skills

All materials prepared, used and presented during the meeting are published and available on the DARE project website, created and managed by the coordinating school:

and also in the Facebook group DARE which is open for everyone.

On behalf of the Bulgarian project team:
Zhivka Yancheva
Tsveta Vladimirova

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