Story about Friendship (by Tavita Vladimirova)


By Tavita Vladimirova, 8a, 119 SU (Sofia, BULGARIA)

Gemma woke up at 6am. She got up from the bed and looks through the window. It was raining. She went to the kitchen and made breakfast . An omelette. When she dressed up , she was ready for school.
Gemma walked slowly down the street. Drops of rain wet her hair and her clothes. She has forgotten to take an umbrella.
After school, Gemma went in the school canteen. She took out a sandwich from her bag. She was watching her sandwich sadly. Only two slices of bread… Nothing else… But she was thankful of this. Her parents didn’t have much money, but they tried to provide the necessary things to their daughter. Suddenly an unknown person approached to the girl. Gemma got scared. She thought that the person was a bully. But it wasn’t. It was a new girl.
-Hi! My name is Isabel, – the unknown girl told Gemma. Isabel was smiling at all the time. – Do you want to be friends?
-Are you sure that you want to be friend with me? – Gemma asked.
-Absolutely! Why do you think I don’t want to?
-I don’t know. No one wants, – Gemma said sadly.
-Doesn’t matter! – Isabel said that with big smile.
-So now we are friends? –Gemma asked and Isabel nodded.
Gemma was so happy!